MPA Courses


PADM 400 – Public Service in the United States
Introduction to theory and practice of public administration in the US. Emphases on US governmental structure and processes, nature and theory of complex service organizations, and current trends with future directions of public service management.

PADM 401 – Management Practices for Public Service
Management competencies relevant for public, health, environmental, criminal justice, and nonprofit organizations. Overview of management concepts, theories, models, and techniques in managing change, supervision, communication, ethics, and organization.

PADM 403 – Quantitative Methods
Fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. Computer applications that support the presentation and analysis of quantitative data and the role of computers in information systems management.

PADM 404 – Human Resource Management
Skills, techniques, and practices used in public health, environmental, criminal justice, and nonprofit organizations. Topics include organizing, staffing, the personnel function, merit systems, labor relations, equal employment opportunity, workplace diversity, and employee rights.

PADM 405 – Public Budgeting
Concepts, methods, and processes of financial management with an emphasis on the public sector. Topics include budget preparation, financial analysis, organization of the finance function, pricing of services, taxes and other revenue sources, and financial reporting.

PADM 406 – Research and Evaluation Methods
Methods and concepts for program and policy analysis including problem formulation, research design, and data collection methods. Emphasis on management skills of needs assessment, program design, implementation, evaluation, and cost analysis.

PADM 497 – Capstone Course for Public Administration
Application of the “real world” to the material and techniques acquired in previous MPA course work. Students apply public policy and management theories to leadership and managerial problems in a selected case.

Policy Requirement: Students will take one policy course, fulfilled by either PADM 402, PADM 408, PADM 411, or PADM 463

Internship or Service-Learning: Students will take either one course designated as a service-learning course, or will participate in an approved internship.

Three Concentration Courses: Students will take three courses within their chosen concentration in consultation with their advisor.

*Required Courses effective as of Fall 2012, students admitted prior to Fall 2012 are subject to the requirements in effect at the time of enrollment.