Integrative Process: Follettian Thinking From Ontology to Administration (2015, Process Century Press)
This book is part of the Toward Ecological Civilization Series by Process Century Press which proposes that the work of Alfred North Whitehead provides the best alternative to the pervasive worldviews that now threaten our civilization with catastrophe. His comprehensive and rigorous philosophy provides the more organic, relational, integrated, nondual, and processive conceptuality needed to support the emergence of an ecological civilization. This volume is the fifth in the series.

A Radically Democratic Response to Global Governance: Dystopian Utopias (2016, Routledge)

This book presents a critique of dominant governance theories grounded in an understanding of existence as a static, discrete, mechanistic process, while also identifying the failures of theories that assume dynamic alternatives of either a radically collectivist or individualist nature. It demonstrates that each governance approach has unacceptable fatal flaws within a diverse global context, and develops an alternative governance approach; one that is neither individualist nor collectivist, while still maintaining the dynamic character required for cultural processes that accommodate integrative change.