Integrative Process

Integrative Process: Folletian Thinking from Ontology to Adminsitration: Process Century Press (2015)

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Mary Parker Follett, a Progressive Era theorist called the “prophet of management”by Peter Drucker, is winning transdisciplinary converts as the world catches up with her. But as the authors argue, her work cannot be appreciated without understanding its grounding in relational process ontology. This book not only provides that necessary key, but it presents in one volume the major ideas and disciplines found in her work. The authors provide the structure, but fill it with Follett’s own words–a wonderfully wise decision that lets readers be converted by Mary Parker Follett herself.

This book is part of the Toward Ecological Civilization Series by Process Century Press which proposes that the work of Alfred North Whitehead provides the best alternative to the pervasive worldviews that now threaten our civilization with catastrophe. His comprehensive and rigorous philosophy provides the more organic, relational, integrated, nondual, and processive conceptuality needed to support the emergence of an ecological civilization. This volume is the fifth in the series.
Alexis de Tocqueville wrote that in a democracy the mother of all organized knowledge ought to be a science of association. Mary Parker Follett is the first to actually develop the various building blocks for such a science, through her attention for the perception of reality as the foundational basis of knowledge, how knowledge is created, and how knowledge and human interaction shape social reality. This study by Stout and Love provides a wonderful entry into the holistic depth and breadth of Follett’s thought and its relevance to public, nonprofit and private organizations alike. ~ Jozef C. Raadschelders, John Glenn School of Public Affairs


Margaret Stout and Jeannine M. Love have studied with great rigor and deep respect Mary Parker Follett’s way of thinking. Her philosophy is holist, located outside any compartments. Her ideas resonate globally and meet simultaneously different worlds: political, economic, administrative, ethical or psychosocial. This book carefully decodes how these meetings occur. By doing this, it convinces us that we–more than ever–need to read Follett again and again. ~ Sébastien Damart, Professeur des Universités, Université Paris Dauphine



Portuguese Translation

Processo Integrativo

Processo integrativo: o pensamento de Mary Parker Follett – da ontologia à administração, Intersaberes (2017).

Considerando o cenário global na contemporaneidade, visamos analisar, categorizar e interpretar as teorias de Mary Follett, de modo a aplica-las às atividades de gerenciamento e de administração. Assim, é possível compreender como essa pensadora foi capaz de antecipar algumas das necessidades mais marcantes na atualidade, evidenciando a urgência de caminharmos para um futuro mais sustentável. No decorrer desta obra, demonstramos a importância do pensamento follettiano para uma recapitulação sistemática que permite seguir da ontologia à administração.

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